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August 26th -30th
5 Days. 5 Trainings. 5 Ways to Grow.

Learn how to create connect all the tech your funnel needs in 5 simple steps!

Untangling Email Marketing

Segmenting, lists, tagging... does the thought of figuring out your email marketing program make you want to do just about anything else instead? Learn what all of those confusing terms mean, and how to actually use them to grow your list!

Getting People on Your List

Now that you have an email list, how do you get people on it? Learn how to create a landing page and add a form to it so you can actually get people to sign up for your list!

Creating an Awesome Customer Journey

Part of putting together a funnel that converts is putting together all those moving parts and pieces! Learn how to connect the different parts of your funnel to create a great customer journey.

Emailing the Easy Way

Planning is your time-saving friend! Learn how to create a series of emails and have them send out automatically to nurture people towards a sale!

Getting Paid

So how do you actually get money from people in your funnel? Learn about how you can easily take payments right on your sales pages, without needing any complicated plugins!

The Challenge Begins in...



Ditch your funnel tech woes once and for all!

Hi, I'm Dara, a web designer & tech fairy.

Truth be told, making confusing tech easy is kind of my speciality.

I know you’re a busy lady, with no time to waste on fighting tech or your website to get it to do what you want!

You need a plan to get visible and meet new potential clients.
A plan to nurture your leads into sales.
A plan to grow your business.

What you need is a sales funnel!

But all of those pages to design, moving parts and pieces to connect… with a business to run and a family to feed, who has time for that?

Join me for this FREE 5 day challenge where I’ll help you once and for all learn how to get all of the tech you need working together to create an amazing funnel to make you more sales!

Easy breezy funnels coming your way soon!

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